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Plugin for Joomla : Track Outgoing Link
Dimanche, 24 Août 2008 19:01

Plugin for Joomla : Track Outgoing Link


You have a website based on the Joomla CMS, and you use the Google Analytics services to see the most content views, keywords bringing visitors, in fact all available information on your guests.


    You know everything about your visitors, or almost all. An important point you do not have is whether he is gone by clicking on an external link in your article. Indeed, you have inserted references, links to visit in your articles, and it would be interesting to make a palamares best outgoing links.


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Google Analytics provides a solution to fix this problem by inserting for each external link an javascript action onClick. See the solution in the official help of Google (trackEvent from 1.3). This trick, completely transparent to the visitor, will enable Google Analytics to record these clicks on outgoing links.


onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackEvent ('outgoing','click','');">


You will find the results in your Google Analytics account, in Top Content Report.



You must have installed on your site Joomla the Javascript code corresponding to your Google Analytics account (with a component or directly into your template).

This plugin creates a tracker (to track clicks) on outgoing links only in the content of articles.

During your first tests, you should wait 24 to 48 hours before seeing the first pages appear in your statistics. But remember that you may have blocked your IP in Google Analytics, in this case you will not see your clicks.

With version 1.2, you can track the files downloaded on your website. Just choose the extensions of the files you want to track.

With version 1.3, events are not shared any more with page view, but now directly managed as events.

This plugin can be used with Joomla 1.5 (tested with Joomla 1.5.6 -> 1.5.11).

This plugin - Track Outgoing Link - was created by

To install it, go to the party Extensions -> Install / Uninstall, then add the zip file below. To access the settings and activate the plugin, find it into Extensions -> Manager plugins.

The plugin just add the tracker code, no extra link added.

v1.1 Fix rewrite when using the 'class' parameter in a 'a' tag.

v1.2 Tracks download links (choose the list of file extensions you want to track) - 04/01/2009

v1.3 Function trackEvent called instead of trackPageview : separate pageviews and events in Google Analytics (Content : Event tracking) - 06/2009


Download the Joomla plugin : Track Outgoing Link v1.3

Download the Joomla plugin : Track Outgoing Link v1.2

Download the Joomla plugin : Track Outgoing Link v1.1


 Download the Joomla plugin : Track Outgoing Link v1.0


If you love this plugin, I will be happy if you add a link to this page or to my home page, for the time I spent on this project. Thank you ;-)

Hoping that this will be a useful plugin!